A Look Back On The Past Few Months

Posted by Elizabeth Baxter on

Like most businesses, Suzie Blue was hit hard by the Covid-19 outbreak. Orders were put on hold, shipments stopped going out and everything came to a halt. Just like the stores we sold to, we had to close our doors for the time being. 

When restrictions were beginning to get lifted and we slowly opened back up we wanted to ensure our customers didn’t feel any pressure to take stock or put in orders before they were ready. Being a small business ourselves with no rent relief and a very limited ability to sell stock we understood what other business owners were going through.We have a gift shop ourselves and had several vendors who insisted that we take stock before the shop had even opened, threatening us with penalties if we refused. That’s why we’ve chosen to let our customers make the decision to cancel orders they put in before the pandemic hit.

Moving forward we want to continue to be understanding with our customers as they are the ones who ultimately got us through these difficult months. We don’t know exactly what the future will look like, with most tradeshows on hold indefinitely, but we do know we will continue to do our best to help our customers get through this challenging time.

Stay safe, and thank you for your ongoing support,

The Suzie Blue Canada Team

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