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Welcome to Suzie Blue Canada, your destination for exquisite fair trade clothing and jewelry from Bali. As a family-run business with roots in both the UK and Canada, we pride ourselves on our commitment to ethical sourcing and unique, handcrafted products.

Ethically Sourced, Fair Trade Fashion

Our product lines are a testament to our dedication to fair trade practices. We work closely with Balinese artisans, ensuring that all items are produced under fair working conditions and with ethically sourced materials. This commitment extends across our entire range, from vibrant clothing to elegant jewelry, all available at wholesale prices.

Unique, Handcrafted Collections

At Suzie Blue Canada, we believe in the beauty of individuality. Our collections are carefully curated to offer bold colors and statement designs that you won’t find anywhere else. Jo Arbuthnot, our founder, personally visits Bali twice a year to collaborate with local craftsmen and craftswomen, developing new designs and seasonal collections that keep our catalog fresh and exciting.

Our Wholesale Offerings

  • Fair Trade Jewelry: Discover our selection of handcrafted jewelry, made with care from ethically sourced materials. Each piece, from bracelets to necklaces, is designed to make a statement.
  • Fair Trade Clothing: Our clothing range features one-size fits, perfect for adding versatility to your retail offerings. Made from sustainable materials, our apparel is not only stylish but also environmentally friendly.


Why Choose Suzie Blue Canada?

With Suzie Blue Canada, you gain access to a wealth of unique, responsibly made products that cater to a diverse customer base. Our low minimum order quantities make it easy for you to start small and expand as your business grows.

Here’s how you can become a wholesaler

  1. Create an account using this link
  2. Email us at sales@suziebluecanada.ca with the following information about you.
    • Business Name
    • Business Phone Number
    • Website
    • Location
    • Primary Contact Name and email
  3. Activate your account and choose a password (you will receive an activation email)
  4. Log into the website using your wholesale login

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