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Happy Friday everyone, and thank you for your interest in the Love Bali Project! Through the Love Bali Project, Suzie Blue Canada will be supporting the mission of Bali Children’s Project. Keep reading to learn more about the Bali Children’s Project and how you and your business can get involved in Suzie Blue Canada’s new initiative: the Love Bali Project! 

Bali Children’s Project (BCP) is a non-profit charity organization that was established in the early 1990’s in response to a lack of access to education, especially for girls, that was maintaining a cycle of poverty. The cycle of poverty explains how children from low income families, with parents who did not receive adequate education, are often forced to drop out of school because their families cannot afford to pay school fees, and the child must find a job to help make ends meet. Children who have been unable to access education face unemployment, exploitation and poor health which all contribute to these children growing up to become the parents of low income families, unable to escape poverty, and thus leading to the continuation of the cycle. This cycle is especially prevalent in girls, since in Bali they are required to stop education before their male siblings. In Bali, the largest barrier to educational access is the cost of education. There are fees to attend school as well as the cost of materials and uniforms. BCP aims to break the cycle of poverty by sponsoring Balinese youth to attend school so that school-associated costs are not a concern for the family. By ensuring youth receive an education, there are more, and better, employment opportunities allowing these children to earn their way out of poverty, and grow up to become the parents of families who can afford to send their children to school.  

Since education is a means to reduce poverty, it is worth noting that there is a link between poverty and health. The social determinants of health are social factors, such as income or education, that contribute to a person’s health. Individuals who live in poverty, or have a low level of education often experience poorer health, lower quality of life, and a shorter life span. Without adequate education, unemployment rates are high, but this issue is still worsened by poor health, associated with poverty and low education level, reducing worker ability and productivity. So, by providing education to youth, and working to break the cycle of poverty, BCP is addressing some of the social determinants of health, which results in healthier individuals.
As mentioned in the last blog post, which is still available to read under Blogs on the Suzie Blue Canada website, Suzie Blue Canada has launched the Love Bali Project to give back to Bali, a place we love and value. Through the Love Bali Project, Suzie Blue Canada will be donating to BCP to sponsor two young girls to go to school. As well, we will be designing a bracelet that will be available for you to buy in the near future, whose proceeds will be donated to BCP. The proceeds from the bracelets will go towards ensuring that libraries and learning centers are well equipped to support the educational needs of students. 
Thank you for reading and stay tuned to learn more about the girls that Suzie Blue Canada is sponsoring!  
Scarlett and Liz

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