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Suzie Blue Canada has been importing jewellery and accessories from Bali for many years, and just like all our products are handmade with love, we love Bali and have decided it is time to give back to Bali with our new Love Bali Project. This is how it all started…

Hi, I’m Scarlett and my Mum is Jo Arbuthnot, the founder of Suzie Blue Canada. I’ve been involved with Suzie Blue in different ways over the years, whether packing orders, answering phone calls, or working at trade shows. I was really excited when my Mum invited me on a buying trip to Bali in 2019. I had an amazing experience, and loved learning about the Balinese culture and meeting new people. While there, I wrote about my experiences in my “Beginner’s Guide To Bali” posts, which are still available under blog posts. My Mum and I often talk about Bali and Suzie Blue, so when she mentioned that she was interested in setting up a charity partnership, I was keen to be involved. Based on our experiences in Bali, as well as some research, we knew that there was a lack of access to education, so we decided we wanted to support a charity that focused on increasing children’s access to education. At this point I decided to recruit my good friend, Liz, to help...

Hi my name is Liz and I am Scarlett’s friend and housemate. We met in first year at Queen’s University while living across the hall from each other in residence, quickly became friends, and signed a lease together a few months later. One thing we both have in common is our love for travel and learning about new cultures. While swapping travel stories, I heard about Scarlett’s experience in Bali, and knew Bali had to go on my bucket list. When Scarlett asked me if I wanted to help her set up a partnership between a Balinese Children’s charity and Suzie Blue, it was a no brainer. Not only did this appeal to my love of travel, but also to my passion for children’s wellbeing (I hope to become a pediatrician). 

Together we looked into different children’s charities in Bali and decided on Bali Children’s Project, a non-profit charity focused on breaking the cycle of poverty through access to education. 

Stay tuned for another blog post with more information about Bali Children’s project and how you and your business can get involved with the Love Bali Project! 

Thank you for joining us on this journey! 

Scarlett and Liz 

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