5 Fun Facts About Bali

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As you likely know by now, all of our products are handmade in and imported from Bali. Bali is a fascinating country with a rich culture and so we thought we would share some fun facts that you probably don’t know!

1. Bali Only Has Two Seasons

Bali has a warm, tropical climate with an average temperature of around 30 degrees celsius and an average of 85-90% humidity. Bali’s wet season lasts from November to March and during this season the weather is warm and rainy. The dry season lasts from April to October, and has cooler breezes and much less rain.

2. There are Only Four First Names

These four names are based on birth orders. First borns are named Wayan, second borns are named Made, third borns named Nyoman and those born fourth are named Ketut. When there are more than five children in a family, often the cycle restarts and the fifth child will be called Wayan. Now, you may think that this sounds very confusing, however children are often given additional “personalized names” that are different from the four first names.

3. Bali Has A Day Of Complete Lockdown Every Year

Each year, to celebrate the new year, the Balinese people have a day of silence called Nyepi, which means to keep silent. In Bali this is considered the most important Hindu Holiday and on this day the whole island closes. There are no vehicles on the road, no flights leave or arrive at the airport, no one is allowed to go to the beach, all stores and restaurants are closed, and all light and noises are kept to a minimum. These rules are enforced by local guards, and even tourists must obey them.

4. Bali Has One Of The Highest Densities Of Spas In The World

There are 1,200 spas on the approximately 5,780 km squared island. There are many spa treatments to choose from, including traditional Balinese massages, flower baths, cream baths for your hair, facials and pedicures. Nearly every treatment in Bali starts with a foot bath to prepare the body for relaxation.

5. Balinese Babies Are Little Angels

In Bali, babies are considered little angels who are connected to spirits. In order to stay connected to these spirits, Balinese children cannot touch the floor, so they are carried everywhere for the first few months of their lives. When they are finally allowed touch the ground at around 3 months, their family holds a big ceremony.

We hope that you learned at least one new thing about Bali, and stay tuned for more Bali content!

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