Suzie Blue’s Winter Outerwear

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When you think of Bali, it’s hardly an image of winter that springs to mind.  Some might even say that Bali is the antithesis of all things wintry.
But at Suzie Blue, we aim to change all that…
It’s true: many of our artisans know nothing of our Northern climes, but that doesn’t mean they were prepared to let us go empty-handed either.
And so, with a little encouragement (and a dash of guidance), they presented us with the Suzie Blue winter collection: knitwear available in an array of dusky, romantic colours; shades destined to infuse any winter wardrobe with some
Balinese warmth.
Let us show you…
Simple Knits

Composed of 100% acrylic yarn, our knits have the same softness and weight of wool without the itch…

Cable Knits

Withstand washing and wear better than wool…

Popcorn Knits

Available in a variety of styles and knits, our winter outerwear is timeless enough to become (and remain!) a wardrobe staple.

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